The House of the Trees
& Other Poems

by Ethelwyn Wetherald



I LIKE those words that carry in their veins
     The blood of lions. “Liberty” is one,
     And “Justice,” and the heart leaps to the sun
When the thrilled note of “Courage! Courage!” rains
Upon the sorely stricken will. No pains


     Survive when “Life” and “Light,” twin glories, run
     From the quick page to some poor soul undone,
And beggar by their glow all other gains.

How splendidly does “Morning” flood our night!
     How the word “Ocean” drowns our insect cares,


          And drives a strong wind through our housed-up grief.
While “Honor” lifts us to the mountain height;
     And “Loyalty” the heaviest burden bears
          As lightly as a tree a crimson leaf. [Page 92]