The House of the Trees
& Other Poems

by Ethelwyn Wetherald


The Sky Path

I HEAR the far moon’s silver call
    High in the upper wold;
And shepherd-like it gathers all
    My thoughts into its fold.

Oh happy thoughts, that wheresoe’er
    They wander through the day,
Come home at eve to upper air
    Along a shining way.

Though some are weary, some are torn,
    And some are fain to grieve,
And some the freshness of the morn
    Have kept until the eve,

And some perversely seek to roam
    E’en from their shepherd bright,
Yet all are gathered safely home,
    And folded for the night.

Oh happy thoughts, that with the streams
    The trees and meadows share
The sky path to the gate of dreams,
    In their white shepherd’s care. [Page 13]