The House of the Trees
& Other Poems

by Ethelwyn Wetherald


The Big Moon

THE big moon came to the edge of the sky,
     And pierced me with its dart;
I strove to put its brightness by
     Before it burned my heart.

I wrapped the windows thick and well,


     I closely barred the door,
The light of my penny candles fell
     On low-built wall and floor.

The little room and the little light
     Began to comfort me;


But I heard—I heard the golden night
     Call like a sounding sea.

I knew the moon swam in the sky,
     And the earth swam in the moon;
I went outside in the grass to lie,


     To yield to the deadly swoon.

My soul was filled with white moon rain
     Till it ran o’er and o’er,
My soul was thrilled with bright moon pain
     Till it could bear no more; [Page 51]


I stole back through the curtained gloom
     Up stairs unlit and steep,
And in a low-ceiled darkened room
     My hurt was healed with sleep. [Page 52]