The House of the Trees
& Other Poems

by Ethelwyn Wetherald


Come Back Again

CHILD-THOUGHTS, child-thoughts, come back again!
     Faint, fitful, as you used to be;
The dusty chambers of my brain
     Have need of your fair company,
As when my child-head reached the height


     Of the wild rose-bush at the door,
And all of heaven and its delight
     Bloomed in the flow’rs the old bush bore.

Come back, sweet long-departed year,
     When, sitting in a hollow oak,


I heard the sheep bells far and clear,
     I heard a voice that silent spoke,
And felt in both a vague appeal,
     And both were mingled in my dreams
With leaves that viewless breezes feel,


     And skies clear mirrored in the streams.

Child-heart, child-thoughts, come back again!
     Bring back the tall grass at my cheek,
The grief more swift than summer rain,
     The joy that knew no words to speak. [Page 69]


The buttercup’s uplifted gold
     That strives to reach my hands in vain,
The love that never could grow cold—
     Child-heart, child-thoughts, come back again! [Page 70]