The House of the Trees
& Other Poems

by Ethelwyn Wetherald


Autumn Fire

THE fires of Autumn are burning high;
     Bright the trees in the woods are blazing—
A wall of flame from the brilliant sky
     Down to the fields where the cattle are grazing.
O the warm, warm end of the year!


     Even the shrubs their red hearts render;
All the bushes are bright with cheer
     And the tamest vine has a touch of splendor.

The fires of Autumn are burning low;
     Blow, ye winds, and cease not blowing!


Blow the flames to a ruddier show,
     Heap the coals to a hotter glowing.
Ah, the chill, chill end of the year!
     Naught is left but a few leaf flashes;
White is the death stone, white and drear,


     Over a desolate world of ashes. [Page 55]