Seven Canadian Poets



Sir Charles G.D. Roberts:
  Orion and Other Poems, 1880 (also 1999, edited with an           Introduction by Ross S. Kilpatrick).
  Later Poems, 1881.
  Later Poems, 1882.
  In DiversTones, 1886.
Songs of the Common Day and Ave, 1893.
The Book of the Native, 1896.
New York Nocturnes and Other Poems, 1898.
Poems (collected edition), 1901.
The Book of the Rose, 1903.
Poems (collected edition), 1907.
New Poems, 1919.
The Sweet o’ the Year and Other Poems, 1925.
The Vagrant of Time, 1927.
Selected Poems of Sir Charles G.D. Roberts, 1936.
Canada Speaks of Britain,1941.
The Collected Poems of Sir Charles G.D. Roberts: A Critical
          Edition, edited by Desmond Pacey and Graham Adams           with an Introduction by Fred Cogswell, 1985.

Bliss Carman:
  Low Tide on Grand Pré, 1893 (also revised edition, 1894).
Songs from Vagabondia (with Richard Hovey), 1894.
Behind the Arras, 1895.
More Songs from Vagabondia (with Richard Hovey), 1896.
Ballads from Lost Haven, 1897.
By the Aurelian Wall, 1898.
Last Songs from Vagabondia (with Richard Hovey), 1901.
From the Book of Myths, 1902.
From the Green Book of Bards, 1903.
Songs of the Sea Children, 1904.
Songs from a Northern Garden, 1904.
Poems (2 vol, collected edition), 1904, 1905.
Sappho, 1905.
From the Book of Valentines, 1905.
Pipes of Pan, 1906.
The Rough Rider, 1909.
A Painter’s Holiday and Other Poems, 1911.
Echoes of Vagabondia, 1912.
April Airs, 1916.
Later Poems, 1921.
Ballads and Lyrics, 1923.
Wild Gardens, 1929.

Sanctuary, 1929.

Archibald Lampman:
  Among the Millet and Other Poems, 1888.
Lyrics of Earth, 1895 (also 1978, edited with an Introduction by           D.M.R. Bentley).
The Poems of Archibald Lampman, edited with a Memoir by
          Duncan Campbell Scott, 1900, 1901, 1905.
Lyrics of Earth: Sonnets and Ballads, Introduction by Duncan
          Campbell Scott, 1925.
At the Long Sault and Other Poems, Introduction by Duncan
          Campbell Scott, edited by E.K. Brown.
Lampman’s Kate: Late Love Poems of Archibald Lampman,
          edited with an Introduction by Margaret Coulby           Whitridge.

Duncan Campbell Scott:
  The Magic House and Other Poems, 1893.
Labor and the Angel, 1898.
New World Lyrics and Ballads, 1905.
Via Borealis, 1906,
Lundy’s Lane and Other Poems, 1916.
Beauty and Life, 1921.
The Poems of Duncan Campbell Scott (collected edition),
The Green Cloister, 1935.
The Circle of Affection and Other Pieces in Prose and Verse,
Selected Poems of Duncan Campbell Scott, edited with a
          Memoir by E.K. Brown, 1951. 

William Wilfred Campbell:
  Snowflakes and Sunbeams, 1888.
Lake Lyrics and Other Poems, 1889.
The Dread Voyage and Other Poems, 1893.
Beyond the Hills of Dream, 1899.
The Poems of Wilfred Campbell (collected edition), 1905.
Sagas of a Vaster Britain, 1914.
The Poetical Works of Wilfred Campbell, edited with a
          Memoir by W.J. Sykes, 1923.
William Wilfred Campbell: Selected Poetry and Essays,
          edited with an Introduction by Laurel Boone, 1987. 

Frederick George Scott:
  Justin and Other Poems, 1885.
The Soul’s Quest  and Other Poems, 1888.
My Lattice and Other Poems, 1894.
The Unnamed Lake and Other Poems, 1897.
Poems Old and New, 1900.
A Hymn of Empire and Other Poems, 1906.
Poems (collected edition), 1910.
In the Battle Silences, 1916.
In Sun and Shade, 1926.
New Poems, 1929.
Selected Poems, 1933.
Collected Poems, 1934.
Poems (collected edition), 1936.

Lift Up Your Hearts, 1941.

Pauline Johnson:
  The White Wampum, 1895.
Canadian Born, 1903.
Flint and Feather, 1912 (of the later editions I used the 17th).
E. Pauline Johnson: Tekahionwake: collected poems and
          selected prose, introduced and edited by Carole Gerson           and Veronica Strong-Boag, 2002.




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