Seven Canadian Poets



With May Fenety - Public Archives of Canada
Sporting a Louis Quinze mustache - Public Archives of Canada
After return to Canada, 1925 - Walter H. Calder, Vancouver
Celebrating eightieth birthday - Globe and Mail
With Joan Montgomery - Globe and Mail
Mary Fanton Roberts - Metropolitan Museum of Art,. New York 

As student at U.N.B. - Harriet Irving Library, University of New
Carman, 1924 - Queen’s University Archives
Tom Meteyard - Queen’s University Archives
Bliss Carman - Taken from Carman’s The Poetry of Life (1905)
Mary Perry King in youth and middle age - Queen’s University
Richard Hovey - From A.H. Macdonald’s Richard Hovey (1957)
Louise Imogen Guiney - Henry G. Fairbanks
Berenson at Harvard - Harvard Center for Renaissance Studies
Fred Day - Norwood Historical Society, Norwood, Mass.
Cram (watercolour by Tom Meteyard) - Nicholas Kilmer 

Reclining on elbow - Frontispiece from The Poems of Archibald
      Lampman (1900)
Portrait without mustache - From Caswell’s Canadian Singers and
      Their Songs (1925)
Former Lampman home, Gore’s Landing - J.C. Adams
E.W. Thomson - From Caswell’s Canadian Singers and Their
      Songs (1925)
Maud and Natalie Lampman - Public Archives of Canada
Kate Waddell - Public Archives of Canada     
D.C. Scott:
With Rupert Brooke - Thomas Fisher Book Room, University of
Scott about thirty years old - From Wetherell’s Later Canadian
      Poems (1893)
Annie Lampman - Public Archives of Canada
Belle Botsford - Thomas Fisher Book Room, University of Toronto
108 Lisgar Street, Ottawa - Public Archives of Canada
Scott seated - M.O. Hammond
Pelham Edgar (detail from picture with Roberts, Pratt and Benson) -
      Public Archives of Canada
E.K. Brown - From dust jacket of Selected Poems of Duncan
      Campbell Scott (1951) 

Colpoys Bay from park - From Campbell’s The Beauty, History,
      Romance and Mystery of the  Canadian Lake Region
Campbell, probably as university student - Queen’s University
At age about fifty - From Garvin’s Canadian Poets (1916)
Campbell and family seated on veranda - Queen’s University Archives
With King, Burbidge and Duncan - Public Archives of Canada 

F.G. Scott:
Youthful Scott - Public Archives of Canada
In garden, Quebec City - M.O. Hammond
Amy Brooks - Scott family
Canon Scott in uniform - Frontispiece of The Great War as I Saw It
Archdeacon Scott, 1930s - Frontispiece, Collected Poems (1934)
F.R. Scott - McGill Archives                                                                       


At beginning of recital career - Brant Historical Society
Johnson siblings - Brant Historical Society     
Michael Mackenzie - Katherine Hooke, Peterborough
Chiefswood - B.W. Switzer
Programme at Chiefswood - Chiefswood Museum
Johnson, 1897 - Brant Historical Society
Charles Drayton - Archives of British Columbia
Walter McRaye - Frontispiece of Town Hall Tonight (1929)