In Sun and Shade: A Book of Verse

by Frederick George Scott




LORD God of Hosts, Thy glorious Name we praise,
    For now a new light breaks across the sea.
    Our foolish hearts had fallen far from Thee,
And, fed on hate, the fruit of bitter days,
Distrusting all, we wandered in a maze
    Of dark suspicion, groping hopelessly.
    We saw no outlet to a world set free
From war and anguish and the greed which slays.

But Thou hast hearkened to the orphan’s cry,
    The heart’s despair, man’s broken prayers for peace;

    No more shall might be right and evil good;
For, lo, above those lands where brave men lie,
    A vision dawns of days when wars shall cease,
    And all mankind be one vast brotherhood.