In Sun and Shade: A Book of Verse

by Frederick George Scott




NOW to the Monarch, eternal, immortal, invisible,
Now to the wise God be honour and glory forever;
We who breathe breath for a moment and pass to infinity
Fall at Thy feet in the darkness and offer Thee worship.

Whirlwinds of passion have caught us and swept us on helplessly,

Rebels in heart have we been who were made in Thine image;
Pity us victims of force that was fiercely untameable
Casting us back in the slime that our souls had emerged from.

Pity us, God, little atoms adrift on immensity.
Now and anon we are dazzled with gleams of the sunrise,

Now and anon we are lost in the billowy vastnesses,
Pity us, Thou, who hast moulded our life out of nothing.

Anchor our souls to the rock of thy glorious changelessness;
Fill Earth and fill us with flames of Thine nfinitei splendour;
Cast off the robes that conceal Thee; appear in Thy majesty;

Rend the sky-veil from Thy face; make us blind with Thy beauty.

Humbly we render Thee homage who madest us infinite,
Giving us wings of the Spirit to mount to Thy presence.
Now to the Monarch, eternal, immortal, invisible,
Honour and glory and worship for ever and ever.