Selected Poems

by Frederick George Scott




I want to have an idle time,
        Before I come to die,
When I can watch a mountain stream
Or lie upon the grass and dream
        And gaze into the sky.

I want to listen to the wind
        And, if I can, recall
The stirring things it said to me
Of gallant ships and open sea
        And hidden waterfall.

I want to find what made me sad
        When clouds would hide the sun,
And why the singing of a bird
At times when nothing else was heard
        Would make me feel like one.

I want to taste again the fear
        Which came to me at night,
When thunder-claps broke overhead
And made me tremble in my bed,
        For God revealed his might.

I want to bring again in thought
        The faces that I knew,
Who left me in the changing years
And passed in laughter or in tears
        Beyond my spirit’s view. [Page 86]

I want to watch the dead leaves fall
        On some late autumn day,
And smell the lovely scents of earth—
My tender mother from my birth,
        Who claims me now for aye. [Page 87]