Selected Poems

by Frederick George Scott




Death met a little child beside the sea;
    The child was ruddy and his face was fair,
    His heart was gladdened with the keen salt air,
Full of the young waves’ laughter and their glee.
Then Death stooped down and kissed him, saying: ‘To Thee,
    My child, will I give summers rare and bright,
    And flowers, and morns with never noon or night,
Or clouds to darken, if thou’lt come with me.’

Then the child gladly gave his little hand,
And walked with Death along the shining sand,
    And prattled gaily, full of hope, and smiled
As a white mist curled round him on the shore
And hid the land and sea for evermore—
    Death hath no terrors for a little child. [Page 76]