Poems: Old and New

by Frederick George Scott




QUOTH Death to Life: “Behold what strength is mine!
   All others perish, yet I do not fail;
   Where life aboundeth most, I most prevail;
I mete out all things with my measuring line.”
Then answered Life: “O boastful Death, not thine
   The final triumph; what thy hands undo
   My busy anvil forgeth out anew;
For one lamp darkened I bring two to shine.”
Then answered Death: “Thy handiwork is fair,
   But a slight breath will crumble it to dust.”
“Nay, Death,” said Life, “for in the vernal air
   A sweeter blossom breaks the winter’s crust.”
Then God called down and stopped the foolish strife;
His servants both—God made both Death and Life. [Page 147]