Poems: Old and New

by Frederick George Scott




O SORROWFUL heart of humanity, foiled in thy fight for          dominion,
   Bowed with the burden of emptiness, blackened with passion          and woe;
Here is a faith that will bear thee on waft of omnipotent pinion
   Up to the heaven of victory, there to be known and to know.

Here is the vision of Calvary, crowned with the world’s revelation,

   Throned in the grandeur of gloom and the thunders that quicken          the dead;
A meteor of hope in the darkness shines forth like a new          constellation,
   Dividing the night of our sorrow, revealing a path as we tread. [Page 98]

Now are the portals of death by the feet of the Conqueror entered;
   Flames of the sun in his setting roll over the city of doom

And robe in imperial purple the Body triumphantly centred,
    Naked and white between thieves and ’mid ghosts that have          crept from the tomb.

O soul, that art lost in immensity, craving for light and despairing,
    Here is the hand of the Crucified, pulses of love in its veins,
Human as ours in its touch, with the sinews of Deity bearing

    The zones of the pendulous planets, the weight of the winds              and the rains.

Here, in the Heart of the Crucified, find thee a refuge and hiding,
    Love at the core of the universe, guidance and peace in the          night; [Page 99]
Centuries pass like a flood, but the Rock of our Strength is          abiding,
    Grounded in depths of eternity, girt with a mantle of light.

Lo, as we wonder and worship, the night of the doubts that          conceal Him
   Rolls from the face of the dawn till His rays through the cloud-          fissures slope;
Vapours that hid are condensed to the dews of His grace that          reveal Him,
   And shine with His light on the hills as we mount in the          splendour of hope. [Page 100]