The Great War As I Saw It

Canon Frederick George Scott, C.M.G., D.S.O.
Late Senior Chaplain
First Canadian Division, C.E.F.

Toronto: F. D. Goodchild, 1922.





How I got into the War—July to September, 1914.
The Voyage to England—September 29th to October 18th, 1914.
On Salisbury Plain—October 18th to January 1st, 1915.
Off to France—January to March, 1915.
Before the Storm—March and April, 1915.
The Second Battle of Ypres—April 22nd, 1915.
Festubert and Givenchy—May and June, 1915.
A Lull in Operations—Ploegsteert, July to December, 1915.
Our First Christmas in France.
Spring, 1916.
The Attack on Mount Sorrel—Summer, 1916.
The Battle of the Somme—Autumn, 1916.
Our Home at Camblain l'Abbé—November, 1916.
My Search is Rewarded.
A Time of Preparation—Christmas, 1916 to April, 1917.
The Capture of Vimy Ridge—April 9th, 1917.
A Month on the Ridge—April and May, 1917.
A Well-earned Rest—May and June, 1917.
Paris Leave—June, 1917.
We Take Hill 70—July and August, 1917.
Every day Life—August and September, 1917.
A Tragedy of War.
Visits to Rome and Paschendaele—Oct. and Nov., 1917.
Our Last War Christmas.
Victory Year Opens—January and February, 1918.
The German Offensive—March, 1918.
In Front of Arras—April, 1918.
Sports and Pastimes—May and June, 1918.
The Beginning of the End.
The Battle of Amiens—August 8th to August 16th, 1918.
We Return to Arras—August, 1918.
The Smashing of the Drocourt-Quéant Line—Sept. 2nd, 1918.
Preparing for the Final Blow—September, 1918.
The Crossing of the Canal du Nord—September 27th, 1918.
VICTORY—November 11th, 1918.