The Gates of Time and Other Poems

by Frederick George Scott




My children, daily in your Church I stand,
And bring you priceless blessings in My hand,—

The Food and Drink which make the spirit live,
The pardon that none else hath power to give.

What holds you back? Why do ye keep away?

Do ye not need fresh grace from day to day?

Your couch so soft, find ye it hard to rise?
My couch was earth, My covering was the skies.

Perchance ye fear the dark and wintry street;
I toiled for you with worn and bleeding feet.


Perchance ye think ye are not in My debt;
What more could I have given you than ye get?

Surely My bitter cross is in your view;
That cross was borne, not for Myself, but you.

If sense of your unfitness holds you back,

Who but Myself can give you what ye lack?

What if that day ye come not to My board,
Should bring the swift, sharp summons of your Lord?

My children, be not fearful, come to Me
Like Peter walking on the treacherous sea.


Children, I stand amongst you day by day;
Oh, if ye love Me, do not keep away.