The Gates of Time and Other Poems

by Frederick George Scott




Build a house for “Little Friend,”
    Underneath the sunniest grass,
In a place where birds’ songs blend
    On the breezes as they pass.

Dig it not with sorrow’s spade,

    Use no sharp-edged tools of pain,
Nothing there must cast a shade,
    Nothing there must leave a stain.

Build the walls of hope and joy,
    Gladsome as the flowers and trees,

Else the little merry boy
    Will not rest in it at ease.

Bring no torch or other light,
    As though darkness could be there,
For a soul so pure and bright

    Will give radiance everywhere.

Build the roof of faith and love,
    Pillared on foundations deep,
That the rain of tears above
    May not mar his happy sleep.


Make no windows, as though he
    Needed peep-holes to the skies,
For the vast Eternity
    Now is open to his eyes.

Build no staircase for his feet,

    Make no door-way in the wall,
For he treads the golden street
    Where the Christ is all in all.

Only let the cross be set
    Upright in the hallowed ground,

Lest the stricken heart forget
    Where the cure of grief is found.