The Gates of Time and Other Poems

by Frederick George Scott




I sometimes think that had I seen Thy face
   In those old days when Thou wast with us here,
      Clothed with our flesh, a man as we are men,
The very sight had filled my soul with grace;
      I should have clung to Thee, and not again
   Moved from Thy side, no lurking doubt or fear
Could drive me from so sweet a hiding-place.

So think I sometimes, and would almost pray
   That other age were chosen my faith to prove
      More near Thine own (if such a prayer might be),

Full of Thy memories. But no; each day
   Hath its own light, O Christ, and proofs of Thee;
      For there was one who saw Thy look of love,
Yet, having wealth, went sorrowful away.