The Gates of Time and Other Poems

by Frederick George Scott



A Song at Sunset


There’s a lonely spot in the soul of man,
    More lone than the moonless sea;
And a gulf, that never a bridge can span,
    ’Tween him and all that be;
And the lips we kiss, and the eyes we love,
    And the glory of golden hair,
Melt like the stars in the mist above,
    And shed no sunlight there.

There’s a weary voice in the soul of man
    That cries for the great “to be,”

Like the moan of the worlds when time began,
    Or the wail of the wind by the sea;
And only the fall of the faded leaf
    And the sigh of the night in trees,
Can utter the spirit’s lonely grief
    And the sorrow that no one sees.