The Gates of Time and Other Poems

by Frederick George Scott




Cast thy care on Jesus,
    Make Him now thy friend,
Tell Him all thy troubles,
    Trust Him to the end;
He is Man and Brother,
    He is Lord and God,
And the way of sorrows
    Is the path He trod.

Cast thy care on Jesus,
    Nothing is too small

For His vast compassion,
    He can feel for all;
In the gloom and darkness
    Clasp His living hand,
He will guide and cheer thee
    Through the desert land.

Cast thy care on Jesus,
    Tell Him all thy sin,
All thy fierce temptations
    And the wrong within;

He Himself was tempted,
    And He pleads above
For the soul that asketh
    Pardon through His love.

Cast thy care on Jesus,

    What is death to those
Who in deep submission
    On His love repose;
But a short step further,
    Nearer to His side,
Where their eyes shall see Him
    And be satisfied.