The Gates of Time and Other Poems

by Frederick George Scott



After the Prayer of Consecration


We hail Thee now, O Jesu,
    Upon Thine Altar-throne,
Though sight and touch have failed us,
    And faith perceives alone!
Thy love has veiled Thy Godhead,
    And hid Thy power divine,
In mercy to our weakness,
    Beneath an earthly sign.

We hail Thee now, O Jesu!
    In silence hast Thou come;

For all the hosts of heaven
    With wonderment are dumb—
So great the condescension,
    So marvellous the love,
Which for our sakes, O Saviour,
    Have drawn Thee from above.

We hail Thee now, O Jesu!
    For law and type have ceased,
And Thou in each Communion
    Art Sacrifice and Priest;

We make this great Memorial
    In union, Lord, with Thee,
And plead Thy death and passion
    To cleanse and set us free.

We hail Thee now, O Jesu!

    For death is drawing near,
And in Thy presence only
    Its terrors disappear.
Dwell with us, sweetest Saviour,
    And guide us through the night,
Till shadows end in glory,
    And faith be lost in sight.