Frederick George Scott




I saw Truth on the mountains, golden-shod
    With day-dawn, girt about with skies
    Of azure mist, half veiling from man’s eyes
Her silent face and gaze upturned to God.
Beneath were clouded steeps of shale and sod,
    Tracked deviously by feet that human-wise
    Toiled upward, but toiled vainly towards the prize;
Some following, shunning some where others trod.

Yet in the darkness oft there came, ‘I see,’
    From eager hearts I met. ‘Behold!’ men cried,
        Yet variously, ‘such are Truth’s features high.’
Self’s shadow, from the soul’s intensity
    Cast on the mist, not such the face I spied,
    Calm, sovereign, silent, upturned midst the sky.

1887. [Page 127]