Frederick George Scott



The Sailor

Sailor, Sailor, whither away?
Loud is the wind and white is the spray;
What is it gives thee the heart to roam
So far from the mother and babe at home?

“I sail” said the sailor, “as I’ve been told,

For the land of dreams and the red, red gold;
For the mother and babe, I go,” said he,
“To bring them the gold from across the sea.” [Page 132]

He sailed away in the sunset light,
And the stars came out on the roof of the night;
With dauntless heart and steadfast eye,
He made for the gold of the morning sky.

But the waves laughed loud in the good ship’s track,
For never again the ship came back;
And the old sea thundered to child and wife,
“I am the lord of the seaman’s life.” [Page 133]