Frederick George Scott



The Shepherd

O Shepherd boy how do you fare,
       Alone upon this windy isle?
What magic keeps you from despair?
       How do you the long hours beguile?

Is there no longing now and then

       To wander off to distant climes?
And learn the ways of other men
       And hear reports of other times?

Is there no stirring in your heart
       For human friend and maiden’s love?
What solace can the sheep impart
       To still the soul’s desire to rove?

The shepherd looked up in surprise,
       Then with a smile and gesture sweet,
He pointed to the sea and skies
       And to the grass beneath his feet.

“When I have heard all these can say,
       When I have pondered all their lore,
I’ll build a boat and sail away
      And sheep will never see me more.” [Page 131]