Frederick George Scott



Christmas Day

O wondrous Child, all down the adoring ages
       Worshipped and fought for by the sons of men,
Stronger than warriors, wiser than the sages,
       Maker and King of realms beyond our ken,
              Once more upon our night
              Thy star shines clear and bright,
And we fall down before Thee once again.

Weary are we of mounting paths of duty,
       Baffled by wisdom of the overwise;
Dark is life’s outlook, till we catch Thy beauty,
       Calm as the dawn upon the morning skies;
              Then swiftly far and near
              Earth’s landscape shines out clear
And life once more becomes a glad surprise.

Give us Thy freshness, give us childhood’s wonder,
       Give us child joy in mountain, sea and sky,
Give us the love which no vain loves can sunder,
       Childhood’s strong faith and true, unquestioning eye;
              And let us join the play
              Of childhood’s world today—
Old men made young by wisdom from on high. [Page 140]