The Uncollected Short Stories of Duncan Campbell Scott

By Duncan Campbell Scott, edited by Tracy Ware


    I am grateful to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Principal’s Development fund of Queen’s University for a grant that enabled me to consult other libraries and hire Sara Jamieson as a research assistant. Her extraordinary scholarly skills were a great benefit. I thank the staffs at the following: Music and Special Collections, Douglas Library, Queen’s; Map Collection and Reference, Stauffer Library, Queen’s; the National Library, Ottawa; and the D.B. Weldon Library, the University of Western Ontario. D.M.R. Bentley, Arielle Zomer, Kat Evans, and the other assistants at the Canadian Poetry Press were helpful at every stage. Like anyone working on Scott, I am indebted to Robert L. McDougall, Stan Dragland, Carole Gerson, and Laura Groening. The following individuals were helpful in many ways: Maria Belanger, Albert Braz, Brian Diemert, George Henderson, Shelley King, Gerald Lynch, and John Pierce. Most of all, I am indebted to my wife, Brenda Reed, still the most helpful librarian of them all. [Page xii]