The Circle of Affection and Other Pieces in Prose and Verse

by Duncan Campbell Scott



For Cynthia Joy Brockington
Christmas, 1945


        Lullaby Sweet Joy
NOW THE time has come for rest
Sleep will find you in your nest;
We will lure her with a charm
Safe from harm;
        Lullaby Sweet Joy
We your ivory eyelids close
With the petals of a rose;
        Lullaby Sweet Joy
Of each ear, a fragile shell,
We will make a slumber-well
And will fill them to the curb
With the juice of a sleepy herb;
No sound will ever over the brink
Through the silence-water sink;
        Lullaby Sweet Joy
We your lips will cover over
With the nectar from the clover,
Sweeter, so the fairies tell,
Than the honey in the cell;
        Lullaby Sweet Joy
When the quiet night is gone
And you come to life and light
The dark rose leaves will have flown,
All the silence-juices too
Will have vanished with the dew;
        Lullaby Sweet Joy
But the nectar on your lips
Lingers, and your tongue sips,
Sweet—and sweeter still you smile;
That is why
When we sing a lullaby
This is all we have to say,
        Lullaby Sweet Joy