The Circle of Affection and Other Pieces in Prose and Verse

by Duncan Campbell Scott



For Primrose and Claire Coulter—Written in a copy of
"Deirdre of the Sorrows"


PRIMROSE AND Clare: the rhythmic sound
Of these sweet names are making a round
Where a fairy troop in the moonlight sing
Through silver and shade in a dancing ring
Under the oak by the magic mound.

With shimmer of green the fairies are gowned,
Their hair with a mystical herb is wound;
What do they say as they carol and swing?
        Primrose and Clare.

They are weaving a spell with an art profound
Where all The Sorrows of Deirdre are drowned

And the Joys are saved, (as sweet as Spring
When it flutters the orchards with the winds on the wing,)
To fall as a presage on two heads crowned,
        Primrose and Clare.