The Circle of Affection and Other Pieces in Prose and Verse

by Duncan Campbell Scott



Broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on the occasion of Their Majesties' departure from Canada, June 15th, 1939


FROM COAST to coast your people with elation
Have given you gladly all their loyal praise;
At last fades out the welcome of a nation,
And into story pass these noble days.

Take from our hearts these faithful words in parting,

When from our shore the lordly ship goes free,
While the last, swift Canadian gulls are darting,
And the long harbour opens to the sea.

May many a lovely memory never perish,
Scenes of our glorious country; far above

All the land’s peerless beauty may you cherish
The crowning glory of a people’s love.

While the King reigns from ocean unto ocean,
Under the wide, serene Canadian sky,
We whom you leave in ageless, deep devotion,

Can never to our Sovereign say goodbye.

Master of life whose power is never sleeping
In the dark void or in the hearts of men,
Hold them, our King and Queen, safe in Thy keeping
And bring them to their western realm again.


And for their Canada be watchful ever,
Grant us this boon if there be one alone,
To do our part in high and pure endeavour
To build a peaceful Empire round the throne.