The Circle of Affection and Other Pieces in Prose and Verse

by Duncan Campbell Scott




CURLING OFF the points and shallows
        Tides turn out and stream away,
Winning all the willing water
        From the shoals of Murray Bay.

Flushed with pink and meshed with silver

        Wide the beaches lie unfurled,
Where the Murray strives to sweeten
        All the oceans of the world.

Far and faintly far to southward
        Like a hamlet dim of dreams,

White the line of Kamouraska
        In the mirage floats and gleams.

Where the orient waters wander
        Ebbing slowing with the light,
Burning deep with purple shadows

        Cap à l’Aigle fronts the night.

Night that calmly moving onward
        Fresh with breezes from the sea,
Pacing up the river floorways
        Kindles lights at St. Denis.


Fills the land with slumber shadows,
        While for her imperial rest
Venus sinks in languid splendour
        Down her caverns in the west.