Duncan Campbell Scott

Addresses‚ Essays‚ and Reviews


Volume 1

[The Character and Work of Heinrich Heine] (c. 1891)
Open Letter to a Member of Parliament (1893)
[The Future of Canadian Literature] (1894)
Canadian Feeling Toward the United States (1896)
Review of John Stuart Thomson, A Day’s Song (1900)
Memoir, The Poems of Archibald Lampman (1900)
A Decade of Canadian Poetry (1901)
Lord Strathcona (1901-2)
The Last of the Indian Treaties (1906)
George Meredith, the Dean of English Novelists (1908)
The Tercentenary of Quebec 1608-1908 (1908)
Introduction, Amelia Paget, People of the Plains (1909)
Notes on the Meeting Place of the First Parliament of Upper      Canada and the Early Buildings at Niagara (1913-4)
Indian Affairs, 1763-1841 (1914)
Indian Affairs, 1840-1867 (1914)
Indian Affairs, 1867-1912 (1914)
George Bernard Shaw (1914)
Relation of Indians to Wild Life Conservation (1919)
The Canadian Indians and the Great World War (1919)
Walter Savage Landor (1919)
The Red Indian
Dieppe (c. 1921)
Poetry and Progress (1922)
Review of L. Adams Beck, The Ninth Vibration (1922)
The Aboriginal Races (1923)


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