Songs of the Sea Children

by Bliss Carman




In the cool of dawn I rose; 
Life lay there from hill to hill 
In the core of a blue pearl, 
As it seemed, so deep and still.

Not a word the mountains said


Of the day that was to be, 
As I crossed them, till you came 
At the sunrise back with me.

Then we heard the whitethroat sing,
And the world was left behind. 


A new paradise arose 
Out of his untarnished mind.

The brown road lay through the wood,
And the forest floor was spread
For our footing with the fern,

And the cornel berries red.

There the woodland rivers sang;
Not a sorrow touched their glee,
Dancing up the yellow sun,
From the purple mountain sea.


Towns and turbulence and fame
Were as fabled things that lay
Through the gateway of the notch,
Long ago and far away.

There we loitered and went on,

Where the roadside berries grew;
Earth with all its joy once more
Was made over for us two.

And at last a meaning filled
The round morning fair and good,

Waited for a thousand years,
There was no more solitude.