Songs of the Sea Children

by Bliss Carman




To-night I hear the rainbirds
Piercing the silver gloom; 
The scent of the sea-blown lilacs
Wanders across my room.

Caught in their wake I follow 


The drift of memory; 
Once more the summer twilight 
Settles upon the sea.

I shut my eyes and see you
Under the lilacs stand, 


While the soft mists of sea-rain 
Are blowing in to land.

Your little hands steal upward, 
Our fingers interlace; 
And through the driving sea-dark 


I feel your burning face.

One little hour of heaven
Lost in a single kiss; 
And then we two forever 
The castaways of bliss.


To-night the scent of lilacs
Comes up to me again,
And ghosts of buried summers
Walk with the lonely rain.

But ah, what rooftree shelters

To-night the dear black head?
Only the sea wind answers—
And leaves of the word unsaid.