Songs of the Sea Children

by Bliss Carman




In the door of the house of life,
Beside the fabled sea, 
I am a harpstring in the wind, 
Æolian for thee.

It was a cunning idler 

Who strung the even cords 
Across the drift of harmonies
Impossible to words.

It was the old Musician,
With nothing else to do,

One April when he felt the stir
Revive him and renew,

Made me thy naught but lover, 
A frayed imperfect strand
Reverberant to every note, 


Alive beneath thy hand!

But smile, and I am laughter;
Look sorrow, and I mourn—
A spirit from the cave of fears,
Fantastic and forlorn.


Sing low—the world is waiting
Such radiance as thine 
To welcome her returning ships
Above the dark sea-line.

Rejoice—I know the cadence,


Thou innocent and glad, 
To make of every hillside flower 
A dancing Oread.

A thing of sense and spirit,
And moods and melody,

I am a harpstring in the wind,
Æolian for thee.