Songs of the Sea Children

by Bliss Carman




Now spring comes up the world, sweetheart,
What shall we find to do? 
The hills grow purple in the rain, 
The sea is gold and blue;

The door is open to the sun, 


The window to the sky; 
The odour of the cherry bough, 
A freighted dream, goes by;

The spruces tell the southwest wind
Where the white windflowers are; 


The brooks are babbling in the dusk 
To one great yellow star;

In all the April-coloured land,
Where glints and murmurs stray,
There's not a being that draws breath


But will go mad to-day— 

Go mad with piercing ecstasy, 
Afoot, afloat, awing, 
And wild with all the aching sweet 
Delirium of spring.


Now April fills the world with love,
There's not a thing to do 
But to be happy all night long, 
Then glad the whole day through.