Songs of the Sea Children

by Bliss Carman




My love said, "What is the sea?" 
I said, "The unmeasured sea 
Is my heart, sweetheart, 
That is stormy or still 
With its great wild will,

Glorying, stainless and free, 
Or sad with a sorrow beyond man's speech to impart, 
But for ever calling to thee,
Heart of my heart."

My love said, "What is the tide?"

I said, "The unshackled tide
Is my love, sweetheart,
The draft and sweep
Of the restless deep,
Made clean as the stars and wide,
That forever must yearn to the land above and apart,
Till the day when she sinks to his side,
Heart of my heart."

My love said, "What is the land?" 
I said, "The Summer land 

Is thy face, sweetheart, 
Dreamy and warm and glad, 
In a benediction clad, 
With sunshine sweetened and tanned; 
And there is the set of the tide, the end and the start, 
The sea's despair and demand, 
Heart of my heart!"