Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics

by Bliss Carman




WHY have the gods in derision
Severed us, heart of my being?
Where have they lured thee to wander,
    O my lost lover?

While now I sojourn with sorrow,


Having remorse for my comrade,
What town is blessed with thy beauty,
    Gladdened and prospered?

Nay, who could love as I loved thee,
With whom thy beauty was mingled


In those spring days when the swallows
    Came with the south wind?

Then I became as that shepherd
Loved by Selene on Latmus,
Once when her own summer magic


    Took hold upon her

With a sweet madness, and thenceforth
Her mortal lover must wander
Over the wide world for ever,
    Like one enchanted.