Sanctuary Sunshine House Sonnets

by Bliss Carman

Illustrations by Whitman Bailey




The painted tulips, like a glorious host
With pennons nodding in the warm south wind,
Crowd by the garden walks; in the fresh grass
The dandelions are strewn like louis-d’ors;
Adoring lilacs blossom by the porch;
While through the orchard in its clouds of bloom
The whistling orioles dart like flakes of fire,
And down beyond the roadside calls a quail.
In the on-coming haze of summer now
That floods the earth with languor and pale fire,
The mellowing woods are like a frail Corot—
Where dark stems merge with misty red and green
Reflected in the gray-green of the lake,
Tranced on the brink a slim young bather stands.



Tranced on the brink a slim young bather stands