Low Tide on Grand Pré: A Book of Lyrics

by Bliss Carman




THE red vines bar my window way;
     The Autumn sleeps beside his fire,
For he has sent this fleet-foot day
A year’s march back to bring to me
     One face whose smile is my desire,
                      Its light my star.

Surely you will come near and speak,
     This calm of death from the day to sever!
And so I shall draw down your cheek
Close to my face—So close!—and know

     God’s hand between our hands forever
                       Will set no bar.

Before the dusk falls—even now
     I know your step along the gravel,
And catch your quiet poise of brow,

And wait so long till you turn the latch!
     Is the way so hard you had to travel?
                   Is the land so far?

The dark has shut your eyes from mine,
     But in this hush of brooding weather

A gleam on twilight’s gathering line
Has riven the barriers of dream:
     Soul of my soul, we are together
                  As the angels are!