Low Tide on Grand Pré: A Book of Lyrics

by Bliss Carman




BETWEEN the roadside and the wood,
     Between the dawning and the dew,
A tiny flower before the sun,
     Ephemeral in time, I grew.

And there upon the trail of spring,

     Not death nor love nor any name
Known among men in all their lands
     Could blur the wild desire with shame.

But down my dayspan of the year
     The feet of straying winds came by;

And all my trembling soul was thrilled
     To follow one lost mountain cry.

And then my heart beat once and broke
     To hear the sweeping rain forebode
Some ruin in the April world,

     Between the woodside and the road.

To-night can bring no healing now;
     The calm of yesternight is gone;
Surely the wind is but the wind,
     And I a broken waif thereon.