Later Poems

by Bliss Carman


Here and Now


  WHERE is Heaven? Is it not
  Just a friendly garden plot,
  Walled with stone and roofed with sun,
  Where the days pass one by one,
  Not too fast and not too slow,
  Looking backward as they go
  At the beauties left behind
To transport the pensive mind!

  Is it not a greening ground
  With a river for its bound,

  And a wood-thrush to prolong
  Fragrant twilights with his song,
  When the peonies in June
  Wait the rising of the moon,
  And the music of the stream
Voices its immortal dream!

There each morning will renew
The miracle of light and dew,
And the soul may joy to praise
The Lord of roses and of days;

There the caravan of noon
Halts to hear the cricket’s tune,
Fifing there for all who pass
The anthem of the summer grass!

Does not Heaven begin that day


When the eager heart can say,
Surely God is in this place,
I have seen Him face to face
In the loveliness of flowers,
In the service of the showers,
And His voice has talked to me
In the sunlit apple tree.

I can feel Him in my heart,
When the tears of knowledge start
For another’s joy or woe,

Where the lonely soul must go.
Yea, I learned His very look,
When we walked beside the brook,
And you smiled and touched my hand.
God is love. . . I understand.