The Kinship of Nature

by Bliss Carman

© Boston: L. C. Page & Company, 1903.



Prefatory Letter: To George Robert Parkin

The Art of Life
On Being Strenuous
The Crime of Ugliness
Miracles and Metaphors
Haste and Waste
At the Coming of Spring
The Vernal Ides
The Seed of Success
Fact and Fancy
Easter Eve
The Cost of Beauty
April in Town
Careless Nature
The Wandering Word
The Friendship of Nature
Subconscious Art
Seabord and Hillward
The Courtesy of Nature
The Luxury of Being Poor
"Solitary the Thrush"
The Ritual of Nature
Concerning Pride
Of Breeding
Of Serenity
The Scarlet of the Year
Good Fortune
The Debauchery of Mood
Of Moderation