The Friendship of Art

by Bliss Carman

© Toronto : Copp, Clark Co., 1904.

To "Moonshine"
The Burden of Joy
The Tides of the Mind
Of Contentment
Of Vigour
The Training of Instinct
A Sea-Turn
Vanitas Vanitatum
The Contemporary Spirit
Speech-Culture and Literature
On Being Coherent
Giving and Taking
The Secret of Art
A Canon of Criticism
Realism in Letters
The Note of Gladness
Sanity and Art
The Creative Spirit
The Critical Spirit
The Man Behind the Book
The Migratory Mood
On Tradition
Personal Rhythm
On Being Ineffectual
The Outskirters
The Artist's Joy
Corpus Versus Animus
The Magic of the Woods
Of Civilization
Business and Beauty
The Paths of Peace
A Christmas Reverie
Saint Valentine
The March Hare's Madness