Far Horizons

by Bliss Carman




WHERE the long steel roads run out and stop,
And the panting engines come to rest,
Where the streets go down to the arms of the sea,
Stands the metropolis of the West.

There the adventurous ships come in

With spices and silks of the East in hold,
And coastwise liners down from the North
With cargoes of furs and gold.

Traders up from the coral isles
With tales of those lotus-eating lands,

And smiling men from the Orient
With idols of jade in their hands.

Yellow and red and white and brown,
With stories in many an outland tongue,
They mingle and jest in her welcoming streets,


As they did when Troy was young.

The sceptre passes and glory fades,
Only the things of the heart stand sure.
Fame and fortune are blown away,
Friendship and love endure.


Here is friendship steady of hand,
Loving-kindness fearless and free—
Men and women who understand,
And romance as old as the sea.

Tyre and Sidon, where are they?

Where is the trade of Carthage now?
Here is Vancouver on English Bay,
With tomorrow’s light on her brow!