Far Horizons

by Bliss Carman




HOW shall we know the mighty ones
Who carry the Lord’s commands,—
Raphael, Gabriel, Michael? Lo,
In splendour of light they come and go,
Like the rainbow with its bands.

Their robes are wrought of the color of flame,
Scarlet, yellow, and blue.
Raphael’s yellow, pure as the sun,
That must endure while the ages run,
As love itself will do.

Gabriel’s blue, as clear as a lake
That mirrors truth from its heart,
And mystical as the haze that lies
Over our mountain paradise,—
Passing the reach of art.

And Michael’s scarlet, brave and glad
As the woods in early fall,
When beauty marches across the world,
And her banners of triumph are unfurled
Along our mountain wall.

So is the transport of life renewed
By the Archangels’ aid,
And love and mystery and power
Are given to man with every hour,—
As it was since the worlds were made.