Far Horizons

by Bliss Carman




WHAT are these unknown flowers
That star this lovely earth
Wasting through long sweet hours
Their beauty and their worth?

What are these plants unknown

That paint the desert’s floor
With a splendor all their own,
Unheeded o’er and o’er.

O foolish Man and blind,
Here is Earth’s healing grace

For thee and all thy kind
To build the perfect race.

There springs no smallest flower
In all the wilderness
But God has given it power

To lighten some distress.

Their truth shall make thee wise,
Their virtues make thee whole,
Their glory fill thine eyes
With loveliness of soul.


This earth is holy ground,
And every seed and spore
In verity is bound
Life’s harmony to restore.

Each with its balm for pain

Shall serve they need, and prove
They take God’s name in vain
Who reckon without love.