Far Horizons

by Bliss Carman




AS we went up on Malahat,
The green hill-road on Malahat,
The foaming river ran beside,
As if in haste to tell the tide
The latest news of Malahat.
Too young to wait, too glad to stay,
Where giant firs met overhead,
Through the dark aisles it flashed and sped
In silver mist with flying spray
Along the way to Malahat.
As on we went through shade and gleam,
We raised the gray-winged gulls from rest
In eddies on the river’s breast,
Ice-blue and clear as ocean stream—
Safe in the heart of Malahat.
There, as we mounted, fjord and hill
Unrolled, with wooded isles between,
A paradise in blue and green
That made the amazed heart stand still
Beneath the spell of Malahat.

Far-off, beyond the last sea-line,
Lo, like a floating cloud of rose,
One peak in its eternal snows,
The high-heart’s everlasting sign—
A glimpse of heaven from Malahat.