Far Horizons

by Bliss Carman




THERE is a road by Skaha Lake
The cautious driver will not take,
So narrow, steep and high in air—
And dangerous as an open stair—
He turns aside to easier grades
Through stands of pine in crimson glades.

But you who would behold the face
Of Beauty in her dwelling-place,
And know that she is often found
Within a peril-guarded ground,

Loving the fearless, who have shown
A spirit steadfast as her own,

Take the Kaleeden road and dare
The danger for the glory there.
Beauty will meet you as you fly

Enraptured between earth and sky,
And her own ecstasy impart
As guerdon to your faithful heart.

The spell of her enchanted ways
Shall be about you all your days

With the old thrill, as you recall
The loveliness that held you thrall,
And bless the stars that bade you take
Kaleeden road by Skaha Lake.