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Merit-Based Awards - No Application Required

The following merit-based awards are specific to students in the Department of Earth Sciences. Recipients are nominated by the Undergraduate Committee in consultation with the Undergraduate Chair; no applications by students are required. Unless specified, all require that the student obtain an 80% average while taking a full course load of 5.0 courses or greater.

The Charles A. Southworth Memorial Award in Paleontology

One award annually of a book. Awarded to either an undergraduate or a graduate student who has shown great interest in, and aptitude for, paleontology. Spring nomination. Named in honour of Charles Southworth (1880-1968), amateur fossil collector of Thedford, Ontario.

The Geological Association of Canada Education Committee Student Prize

One award annually of a one year membership in the GAC and the student's choice of a GAC publication. Awarded to the top academic student currently in their second-last year of a geologically oriented program (e.g., geology, geophysics, geological engineering).

Mineralogical Association of Canada Prize

One award annually of a one-year membership to MAC and a Short Course Handbook or Special Issue publication. Awarded to a student at the end of 2nd year or higher. Student must demonstrate excellence in one of the specialties supported by the MAC, which are mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, petrology or mineral deposits.

The Robert and Ruth Lumsden Scholarships in Science

Awarded to students entering the second, third or fourth year in any program in the Faculty of Science with at least one scholarship reserved for students in the Department of Earth Sciences. These scholarships were made possible by a bequest to Foundation Western by the late Ruth V. Lumsden (BA '79) and Robert O. Lumsden (BA '78). Value: 7 @ Up to $1,000.

The Gordon Dixon Memorial Prize

One award annually of a book. Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated interest and proficiency in Pleistocene geology.

The Dr. Harvey Hunter Memorial Award

One award of $375 to a 2nd year student who has the highest marks in the Earth Sciences courses and who enters the 3rd year of an Honors Geology program. Endowed by donations in memory of Dr. Harvey Hunter, post-doctoral fellow in the former Department of Geology from 1974-77, who died in a swimming accident in Africa in 1978.

CSPG (Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists) Undergraduate Award

One award annually of a framed, personalized certificate, a one-year membership in the Society, and a $50 prize. Awarded to a third or fourth year student from each Canadian University. The student is chosen by his/her professors for outstanding performance in petroleum geology, or the related fields of stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology and structural geology.

Geological Association of Canada Student Internship Award

Three awards annually of trips to the GAC-MAC Annual Meeting; one field trip. Awarded to 3rd year students currently registered in a Geology major program administered by the department; they will be rated for their academic achievement, personality, maturity and ambition. No applications are necessary; a slate of nominees will be submitted to GAC by the Department.

CSPG (Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists) Student-Industry Field Trip Award (SIFT).

One award annually of an expense-paid ten day field trip in Alberta. Awarded to a third year student demonstrating strong interest in sedimentary geology.

Charles Carmichael Prize in Earth Sciences

Awarded to the geophysics student who achieves the highest standing in Earth Sciences 4490E. This prize was established by a generous donation from the family of the late Dr. Charles Carmichael in recognition of his eminent career as Professor of Geophysics at The University of Western Ontario from 1960-92. Value: 1 @ $300

Geophysics Award for Excellence

Awarded to a student who has a minimum average of 75% and the highest modular average entering either their second or third year of a Specialization or Honors Specialization in Geophysics. Value: 1 at $2,000

Caradocian Prize in Geochemistry

Awarded to a graduating fourth-year student who has achieved the highest aggregate standing in any two of: a) Earth Science 4431A/B (Isotope Geochemistry in Earth and Environmental Science), b) Earth Science 4432A/B (Mineral Deposit Geochemistry), c) Earth Science 4440A/B (Hydrogeology), d) Earth Science 4444A/B (Hazardous Mine Wastes), or equivalent courses that replace these with the progress of time. The Prize winner will have obtained a minimum aggregate standing of 80% or higher in the two courses used to determine his or her eligibility. The recipient will be selected by the Faculty of Science in consultation with the Department of Earth Sciences. Value: $500

A. Mark Turner Memorial Scholarship in Geology

Awarded to a full-time student in 3rd year Earth Sciences, specializing in Geology, based on academic achievement (minimum 80% average). The recipient will be selected by the Scholarship and Awards Committee in the Faculty of Science/Earth Sciences Department. This award was established by Mr. Randy Turner in memory of his father, A. Mark Turner, who received his degree in Geology from Western (B.Sc. 1950). Value: $4,625.00.

Aleksis Dreimanis Prize

Awarded annually to the student in the Department of Earth Sciences achieving the highest marks of the third year class who returns to complete an Honors Specialization or Professional Program in Geology (preferred) or a Double Major in an Honors degree which includes Geology. Established in honour of the late Dr. Aleksis Dreimanis, geology professor at Western from 1948-2011. Value: $700

Norman B. Keevil Award in Earth Sciences

Awarded to a full-time student entering third year of an Honors Specialization, Major, or Specialization offered by the Department of Earth Sciences who is in the top quarter of the program and who demonstrates a long-term interest in the discipline of Geophysics or Geology through academic or extra-curricular activities. The award will be continuing for two years provided the student remains in an earth sciences program and continues to be in the top quarter of the program. Established by Teck Corporation in honour of Dr. Norman B. Keevil, Chairman of the Board. Value: $1500 biennially, continuing for up to two years.