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Modules and Degrees Offered

Earth Science Undergraduate Modules
Earth Science Course Descriptions

The Department of Earth Sciences offers the following undergraduate modules. See the Western Calendar for the most up-to-date information about modules, academic progression and prerequisites.

Professional Programs - Common First Year
Professional Geology Program - Years 2-4
Professional Geophysics Program - Years 2-4
Professional Environmental Geoscience Program - Years 2-4

Professional Programs in Earth Sciences are designed to meet or exceed the minimum academic requirements for Professional Registration as a licensed geoscientist in Canada. Students should familiarize themselves with the non-academic requirements for P.Geo. or P.Geol. registration as determined by Geoscientists Canada.

Honors Specialization in Geology
Honors Specialization in Geophysics
Honors Specialization in Environmental Geoscience

Specialization in Geology
Specialization in Geophysics
Specialization in Environmental Geoscience

Major in Geology

Minor in Geology
Minor in Geophysics
Minor in Planetary Science & Space Exploration

Interdisciplinary Programs

Honors Specialization in Geology and Biology
Specialization in Geology and Biology
Honors Specialization in Integrated Science with Earth Sciences