Dr. Neil Macrae

Economic Petrology

Neil Macrae

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. McMaster University
Office: Off Campus
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Email: nmacrae@uwo.ca

Research Interests

I have just completed several years of work with A.E Armitage (successful Ph.D. student), A.L Jones and S. Habib (both successful M.Sc. students) studying the petrology and geochemistry of various metamorphic and igneous terraines of the Churchill Province, Northwest Territories. In particular, I've been fascinated with the rich occurrence of micro-diamonds in ultrapotassic lamprophyre dikes in the Gibson Lake area, first discovered by A.E Armitage. A number of papers are still in the pre-publication stages. Dr. A.R Miller (then of the GSC) and members of Comaplex Minerals have been active participants in those ventures.

I've had a long-term interest in the distribution of the REEs, and thus spent many years (even prior to the NWT excursions) developing the SIMS techniques required for in-situ REE analysis of minerals in polished thin section form. That continues... but access to a NEW SIMS would be wonderful! Most recently, Dr. Reid Keays has interested me in the problems concerning genesis of the Sudbury ores. In that regard, he (as major supervisor) and I (as secondry supervisor) have been working with Scott Jobin-Bevans (Ph.D. student at UWO/Laurentian) in a very, very detailed examination of Nipissing diabase. Good things are ahead! I've just begun a project with a new M.Sc. candidate (Greg Shellnutt; BSc from St. Mary's) to sort out the chemistry, petrography and exact age of the olivine diabase dikes of the Sudbury area - which so many workers keep mistaking for the Nipissing diabase.

Selected Publications

  • Mata, J., Kerrich, R., MacRae, N.D. and Wu, T.W., 1998. Elemental and isotopic (Sr, Nd, and Pb) characteristics of Madeira Island basalts; evidence for a composite HIMU-EM I plume fertilizing lithosphere. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 35: 980-997.
  • MacRae, N.D., 1995. Secondary-ion mass spectrometry and geology. The Canadian Mineralogist, 33: 219-236.
  • MacRae, N.D., Armitage, A.E., Jones, A.L. and Miller, A.R., 1995. A diamondiferous lamprophyre dike, Gibson Lake area, Northwest Territories. International Geology Review, 37: 212-229.
  • Dorais, M.J. and MacRae, N.D., 1994. Amphibole zoning in the Garland Peak Syenite, Red Hill Complex, New Hampshire; camptonitic parental magmas and differentiation to silica-oversaturated syenites. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 117: 76-86.
  • MacRae, N.D., Bottazzi, P., Ottolini, L. and Vannucci, R., 1993. Quantitative REE analysis of silicates by SIMS; conventional energy filtering vs. specimen isolation mode. Chemical Geology, 103: 45-54.